Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Waiting in 1st Committee

November 19, 2008, and we are still waiting! I am frustrated and I realize I need an outlet, so thought maybe doing some blogging would help.

To catch you all up, we started the process in March 2007 and our dossier was submitted to 1st Committee in Mongolia in February 2008. There are two committees that will review our dossier, and we are still in 1st. Once 1st Committee reviews and approves our paperwork, we will than recieve our referral of our child. Our agency is telling us that there is some hope that we will be reviewed in November, but it is already 11/19 and we haven't heard any word, so I'm not getting my hopes up! It would be so wonderful though if we could have our referral before Christmas.

Once we receive our referral, our paperwork will move onto 2nd Committee. Our dossier "should" move quickly through 2nd, and there is a possibility that we will travel about 2 months after receiving our referral of our child.

Last time we traveled, we spent one week in Mongolia and one week in Seoul, South Korea, where Gus' paperwork was processed at the US Embassy. This time, however, we will spend all of our time in Mongolia, as the US Embassy in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia is able to process the paperwork themselves.

So there it is, now you know the rules of the game! Hopefully soon we'll see some action!