Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Made the Mongolian National News!

One more quick post.

We made the Mongolian National News! Remember the wrestling match we attended last weekend in the countryside? Well, there was a reporter there from Mongolia's most popular national news (think the equivalent of USA Today).

Well, they printed several large articles regarding the match. They also printed a photo, which both Matt and I were in! May got us a copy of the newspaper.

How funny is that?


My Sincerest Apologies...

...for not posting sooner. I have been most properly chastised by my dear friend Michele for not posting more promptly. (Michele, are you even an official follower of this blog?) :-)

That aside, things are going much better here. We have booked our flights, we arrive home Wednesday night at around 8:45PM in Appleton. Anyone is welcome to meet us at the airport, but in the first few days we are home, if you call to visit and we can't see you, please understand, we will definately have some adjustment!

Libby is doing much better. While she still likes me to hold her, Matt and Libby have definately reached some compromise. If I am not able to hold her, she will now allow Matt. Matt has also taught her the "nose" game, and just like Gus, she has the advantage in the game having the flatter nose then Matt! She is definately 100% Mongol, as she has the Mongol glare down if she is unhappy with Matt, I have not yet to receive it, but I am sure my time will come. In addition, she is the best eye roller I've ever seen on a child under two. I don't know how many times Matt has gotten the eye roll (although, again, I haven't been on the receiving end of it!)

Last night she slept through the night in her own crib, which has been the first time since we've had her. She actually slept 12 hours straight. It was such a blessing, as waking up 5 times a night with a little foot in your face isn't conducive to a good night's sleep! (As cute as that little foot is!) She also has lots of smiles for us during the day now. She seems to be feeling a little better then she was, and you can tell she much more happier.

And dear Rachel, I do believe you have gotten your wish for the "Sassy" little girl! If she isn't getting her way, she lets you know it! If she doesn't like what she is eating, she will simply spit it out, even if she liked it the bite before. She is so incredibly different then Gus!!! I don't think two children could be more different. The first few weeks we had Gus, he never cried, with Libby, you just expect it! Gus detested having his diaper changed and his shoes and clothes off, but Libby relishes it. The children in Mongolia are kept bundled up, wearing tights under their shorts even on the warmest days. It was hilarious the first time Libby realized she had toes. She played with them for hours!

We had the adoption ceremony Friday night, and it was amazing, so touching! The nanny and the Dr. from the orphanage gave speeches and presented us with Mare's milk. Also, two government officials and a US embassy official attended the ceremony. May hired throat and "violin" performers, and it was awesome! When you hear recorded music of throatsingers, it makes you laugh and think of Jabba the Hut, but when you see it in person, it so amazing!!! Totally Impressive! The music is almost hauntingly beautiful.

After the ceremony, I felt as though I had a better appreciation of the government's interest in the welfare of the Monoglian children. While it is obvious that they want us to instill the Mongolian heritage in our adopted children, it is more important to them that the children grow up to be productive, very well-educated individuals who are polite and act responsibly. During the long wait for our children, it was easy to think that the government did not care enough about the children to hurry the process up. But I no longer think that is true. After speaking with the officials, it truly is the structure of the Mongolian government that causes the delays.

Yesterday we attended the 4th of July celebration given by the US embassy officials. It was actually a quite large affair that convenietly was held directly across the street from our hotel at the apartment complex where all the embassy officials live. I will assure you, it was definately the most unique 4th of July celebration I have ever attended! There were Mongolian girls dressed as German barmaids handing out pitchers of beer, Mormons (American and Mongolian) walking around everywhere, and Mongolian children singing "The Beach Boys" Surfing USA in their Asian voices. It was hilarious! The funniest thing was seeing the Mongolians, Americans, Military, and the Mormons playing tug of war! We did have American hot dogs, hamburgers, even brats with potato salad and baked beans. We were told that a Congressional Delegation was passing through Mongolia last week and delivered the Brats and Hot dogs by plane.

Well, better get back up to the room to get ready for our dinner out. Tonight we are having Los Banditos, which is said to be the best Mexican joint in UB. May has her doubts, but Matt and I convinced her to give it a try!

And Michele, I will try to post again soon!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

The news you've been waiting on the edge of your seat for.....

Well, maybe not, but we're excited!

We had our Dr.'s appt. for Libby today where they clear her to get her Visa into the US. The Dr. approved her but said she had "strong" breathing. She does have a cold, but they cleared her. (Thank goodness! I was afraid they wouldn't, with the Swine Flu and all. We have had our temperture taken by the Chinese in Beijing, the Mongolian's at the UB airport, and then again in order to even enter the clinic. Each time we had to fill out a form stating that we have not been to Mexico and that we have had no headaches, nausea, coughing, etc. in the last 15 days.)

We then went to the embassy this afternoon, and they cleared Libby to receive her Visa. We can pick it up Monday afternoon between 1-3PM, which means.......wait for it......if we can book the tickets, we can head home on Tuesday morning instead of Saturday morning. YAY!!! Matt will get in touch with the travel agent tonight and see what we can book. YAY Again!!!

We can't wait to get Libby home. She had great days on Monday and Tuesday, but really had rough days Wednesday and today. She will not let me put her down, not even to nap. She will fall asleep in my arms, then when I try to lay her down she wakes up screaming. It's been really hard. She has been napping in my arms, and it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to get her down at bedtime. To make it worse, it has been horribly hot here in UB, 90's every day this week, and NOWHERE is there A/C, except at the clinic and embassy. The car does not have A/C, and neither does the hotel. Libby is a little sweat box just like Gus, so I am constantly drenched with sweat because she won't let me put her down. Occasionally she will let Matt hold her, but she has gone from a Daddy's girl to barely tolerating him, which has been really hard on Matt. I'm sure that will change once we get home, but it's still tough on both of us.

Tomorrow we have the Adoption Ceremony, then on Saturday we are attending a 4th of July party put on by the embassy people. The Consular told us today that they a congressional group passing through Mongolia delivered a couple cases of American hot dogs and Heinz ketchup, so we are really looking forward to that!

Also, amazing story, as we were talking to the Consular, we came to discover that one of Matt's old college roomates, Chris, is really good friends with the Consular, apparently they joined the, I don't know what you'd call it, the embassy program, I guess, at the same time. He actually lives directly across the street from our hotel, and that is where the embassy event is being held on Saturday.

Well, that's all for now, I'll post once we get our travel reservations figured out!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Random Notes...

*I find it very strange that our Country French shower curtain with the lovely floral design also has soccer balls in the pattern.

*Instead of going out for lunch today we decided to stay at the hotel and have a snack. One the menu was a mozzerella stick and potato skin combo. We ordered the mozzerella stick and potato skin combo with no cheese on the potatoes. The waitress delivered an order of French Fries with a side of marinera sauce.

*While Libby was napping today, Matt and I decided to enjoy a drink. Matt took a beer out of the fridge and I went to the hotel bar to get a drink. I asked if they had juice that I could have with vodka. The bartender showed me the list and I ordered a vodka and orange juice. I asked her to put it on my room bill. She asked what room and I told her 310. She said "ok, I'll bring your drink up to your room in 10 minutes". HUH???? 10 minutes later she showed up with a glass of orange juice, a glass of apple juice and a glass of vodka. OK......

*They put down new carpet in the hallways of the hotel this week, all five floors. There were fuzzies everywhere and I've been wondering when they were going to come and vacuum them up. Today as I walked down the stairs I saw 3 ladies on their hands and knees picking up all the fuzzies.

*On Sunday at the wrestling match we had blowtorched goat. They literally had a blowtorch and were cooking a goat carcass with it. Today Matt and I were wondering, (it took us a few days to remember the incident after all the vodka), how did they get all the potatoes and vegetables inside the goat, when there wasn't any cut marks on the carcass itself? Also, how did they get all the guts out? The only option we could think of was that they took the guts out through the head and the uh, well, you know, and then stuffed all the veggies in. And we ate that!!! Ugh.

Will post some possible exciting news tomorrow......I have to give you all some type of anticipation!!!