Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Random Notes...

*I find it very strange that our Country French shower curtain with the lovely floral design also has soccer balls in the pattern.

*Instead of going out for lunch today we decided to stay at the hotel and have a snack. One the menu was a mozzerella stick and potato skin combo. We ordered the mozzerella stick and potato skin combo with no cheese on the potatoes. The waitress delivered an order of French Fries with a side of marinera sauce.

*While Libby was napping today, Matt and I decided to enjoy a drink. Matt took a beer out of the fridge and I went to the hotel bar to get a drink. I asked if they had juice that I could have with vodka. The bartender showed me the list and I ordered a vodka and orange juice. I asked her to put it on my room bill. She asked what room and I told her 310. She said "ok, I'll bring your drink up to your room in 10 minutes". HUH???? 10 minutes later she showed up with a glass of orange juice, a glass of apple juice and a glass of vodka. OK......

*They put down new carpet in the hallways of the hotel this week, all five floors. There were fuzzies everywhere and I've been wondering when they were going to come and vacuum them up. Today as I walked down the stairs I saw 3 ladies on their hands and knees picking up all the fuzzies.

*On Sunday at the wrestling match we had blowtorched goat. They literally had a blowtorch and were cooking a goat carcass with it. Today Matt and I were wondering, (it took us a few days to remember the incident after all the vodka), how did they get all the potatoes and vegetables inside the goat, when there wasn't any cut marks on the carcass itself? Also, how did they get all the guts out? The only option we could think of was that they took the guts out through the head and the uh, well, you know, and then stuffed all the veggies in. And we ate that!!! Ugh.

Will post some possible exciting news tomorrow......I have to give you all some type of anticipation!!!

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Rachel said...

So funny! I am laughing out loud. Now I have to go make an orange juice and vodka(in one glass). You better come home soon so I don't have to drink vodka alone in the middle of the afternoon.