Monday, June 29, 2009

....and She's OURS!!!!

Yesterday afternoon (Monday) we signed the 3 party agreement papers and received our original official letter that states that Libby is officially our child. We went directly to the orphanage to get her. It is hard to describe the emotions we felt. I couldn't stop crying, but Libby seemed pleased to be coming with us. The Nannies said that the last few days that we have visited Libby, when we left she would be very quiet as if she was sad to see us go. The nannies told May that they felt she was truly ready to be with us, which pleased us very much.

We went back to the hotel with her for a few hours, and she played happily with us and gave us lots of smiles. We then went with May to an Indian restaurant. Libby ate well and was very talkative to us. Her favorite words are "baba" which means "take this" and "mama" which seems to mean everything to her, she points all over and says "mama", we are trying to convince her that only I am "mama". She has repeated "dada" when we have pointed to Matt. I think the speech will come quickly to her, she already tries to repeat things we say and she babbles quite a bit.

When we were leaving the restaurant, I was holding her and tipping her upside down, which always seems to make her smile. That is when the deep belly laugh suddenly appeared. She laughed and laughed, it was such a joyous sound, it was the most blessed sound in the world to me at that moment.

Back at the hotel we tried to rock her to sleep, as it was obvious she was exhausted, but she didn't want any of that, so we laid her in her crib and she felt asleep within minutes. She slept until 6am, then sat up in her crib. I brought her into bed with us and she fell back asleep immidiately. I finally woke her up at 9am.

She ate a great breakfast and has been very happy. She has not cried once with us, NOT ONCE!!! She is doing so well, just like Gus did. Gus and Libby are definately two different kids, but yet easy in the same way.

Thank you for all your prayers and wishes. At this moment, all of them have been answered for us!



Anonymous said...

Yeah! So glad to hear it. Will you perhaps get home sooner than you thought? I am so happy and so excited for you guys.
I also laughed out loud at the comment on giving Matt 2 ziplocks. We should do a commercial for them!


Melissa said...

Congrats. I am glad everything is going well. Have a safe trip home! Can't wait to meet Libby!! God Bless