Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mongolian Vodka, so much fun...yet....

then, not so much fun!!!

Had an awesome time in the countryside this weekend. Rode horses this morning, poor Matt had to be led around on his horse, but my horse was more then willing to listen to my commands, I actually got to "gallop" around the hillside with my horse. I loved it!

We then went to our "wrestling match". We were invited guests along with several other high ranking individuals, who were mainly the minister's of the providence that the wrestlers belonged to along with high ranking business owners that sponsored the wrestlers. One of the business owners (a woman) took a great liking to the two "American's" and felt it was necessary to ply us with Mongolian vodka prior to the event. It certainly made it easier to stomach the (literal) blowtorched goat that we consumed, and made the wrestling match even more entertaining. Unfortunately, the businessowner made sure our glasses of vodka were always full, especially Matt's. I actually fared quite well (I attribute that to the flavored vodka I share with Rachel on a regular basis) but Matt, well, he did not fare so well. By the time we go t back to the hotel, well, let's just say the vodka did not stay in his stomach and he needed assistance on the three flights of stairs up to our room. Thankfully Muuggii, May's fiance, was able to assist me. Matt is now snoring quite soundly in our hotel room!

The weekend in the countryside was a total blast, it was SO much fun! We also had a great time at the Black Market. I hid my money in my shoe, and Matt hid his in his front pocket. Shortly after we got there, I felt a very hard "smack" to my butt, but when I turned around no one was there and I knew my money was safe. We shopped for awhile, and Matt purchased an awesome NorthFace jacket for only $35. Then we went to the watch booth, and I as I tried on a Cartier watch, I quickly realized that my personal watch was missing from my wrist. Apparently, when I got "smacked" in my butt, it was a distraction in order to steal the watch from my wrist. I had to laugh, because I imagined how surprised the theif would be when he realized my expensive gold and silver watch was only a $5 watch with gold stickers on it!!! Of course, losing my watch was a very good reason to purchase the Cartier watch, which I like even better. (Of course my Swiss Cartier watch was most likely manufactured in China!) Matt found a Tagheuher watch he liked, but unfortunately Tagheuher was spelled wrong, so he passed on that purchase!

Well, I better get back to the room to check on my overindulged husband. At least he will sleep well tonight!

Tomorrow we visit Libby in the morning, then sigh the 3 party papers, then we should have the official permission to take physical custody of her. I can't wait! Yesterday when we saw her she was doing so well. When we went to leave, I was holding her. The Nanny went to grab her, but Libby turned toward me and held tight to my neck. I almost cried, she actually wanted to stay in my arms! What a major step forward!



Rachel said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Poor Matt! Too much vodka does not equal fun the next day. Can't wait to hear how Libby does with you guys.

Anonymous said...

Did you have any Ziplocks along for Matt?
Good to hear things are going well with Libby. We are so excited for you guys. Can't wait until you are home and we can meet her.


Sabrina and Randy said...

Hope all goes well for you with final paperwork! Love the vodka story! : ) Take care!

Beth said...

Oh Michele, OF COURSE I had ziplock bags for Matt! As soon as we got in the car to head back to the city I handed him two!