Friday, June 26, 2009

Verbal Approval!!

Hi All!

We got good news yesterday. The Second Committee met to review our interview. May received the call that they have given us their verbal approval, and we should get our written approval on Monday. What does this mean? That means that this is a very good chance that we will be able to take physical custody of Libby on Monday afternoon/early evening. Yay!

Things are moving along much better with Libby. The first 2-3 days were rough, but she has made huge strides with us. We got many smiles out of her yesterday, and even an almost giggle. The smiles we have gotten have been when we've caught her by surprise, like grabbing her to tickle her when she is walking past, lifting her suddenly above our heads, it is like she is trying not to smile at us but when we catch her off guard she just can't help it! She hasn't the cutest smile in the world, when she smiles she puckers up her lips. Adorable, I just can't get enough of it! She is also using her motor skills more, she throws a ball to us, looks through the photo album and book we have for her, and trys to feed us her treats. She is definately behind, but I think that the two weeks we will have her before we come home will do a world of good for her, since we will have so much time to concentrate on her. When Rylee was with us, Birth to 3 had showed me several tools to use to improve motor skill, and I plan to use them with Libby. I actually think her speech may come much faster then her motor skills, as we think she has already used the English words "ball" and "book". I think that with her skills she is just the opposite of Gus, which makes sense since she is girl and girl's obviously develop differently then boys.

She is so funny when she eats, it is obvious when she is done. She simply spits the food out that you put in her mouth. And Rachel, I think you have gotten your wish, I see quite a bit of sassiness coming out in her! Oh, she is going to be quite the little princess. she is already Daddy's girl!

What else? Well, we are leaving for the countryside this afternoon. On our way we are stopping at the Black Market to be pickpocketed, then we move on to possibly riding horses. We will stay in the country side overnight. Then, May's fiance has actually arranged a traditional Mongolian wrestling match for us to view. Muuggii (her fiance) has challenged Matt to a round, but I don't think Matt is going along with it!!! (I can just see Matt in the costume with his chicken legs! The costume is basically like wearing a speedo!!!). Whether Matt wrestles or not, we plan to video tape the event.

We've actually been enjoying our meals a great deal, although we haven't had any true Mongolian food yet. Lots of Italian and steaks, plus fast food, which was remarkably like McDonalds!

Well, I'm off for now, we need to get in to eat breakfast before it closes.

Hope you all are doing well, don't worry about us, we're doing GREAT!!!!



Rachel said...

I would pay big money to see Matt dress up in a speedo-like costume wrestling a Mongolian! Glad things are going well with Libby. I can't wait to meet my new sassy little friend!

Sabrina said...

I would second that comment Rachel! :) Reagan will have a challenge when you get home as well with perfect!